Right Hand Diamond Rings

Recently in the diamond and fashion jewelry industry there has been an almost unprecedented marketing blitz by the DTC (Diamond Trading Company) which is the marketing arm of the DeBeers Diamond Company to promote and sell “right hand diamond rings” for women.

The idea was to basically create a niche for women to wear Diamond rings on their right hand in addition to the traditional diamond engagement rings and wedding bands worn on the left hand. The way this was done was by promoting the notion that a diamond ring worn by a woman on her right hand has a different significance and connotation than the traditional rings being worn on the left hand.

The premise of “empowering” women with a right hand ring is the main thrust of the campaign and is best summed up by this direct quote from the DeBeers website, www.adiamondisforever.com:

“The right hand need not be ignored any longer… The newest trend is the diamond Right Hand Ring. The diamond Right Hand Ring signifies the strength, success and independence of women of the twenty-first century.

These rings come in a variety of beautiful designs — Modern Vintage, Floral, Romantic, and Contemporary — offering each woman a design that best suits her individual personality. Women of the world, raise your right hand!”

The biggest marketing companies were called in to create catchy slogans and brochures for the campaign.

Here is a photo of one of the advertisements created for this campaign:

A typical advertisement will read; “Your left hand holds on. You right hand reaches out. Your left hand plays hard-to-get. Your right hand just plays hard. Women of the world raise your right hand.”

The question is, how effective has this campaign been?

I recently read a fascinating article in The Rappaport Diamond Report for the diamond industry where the author interviewed a few owners of some of the prominent jewelry stores for their opinion on how effective this campaign has been thus far based on consumer reaction.

Here is what a few of them had to say:

Paul Cohen, President Continental Jewelers, Inc. Wilmington,Delaware

“I believe as the designs evolve that the campaign will have greater impact and greater appeal….it has had an impact on increasing sales in what we used to call cocktail rings. The campaign is in effect saying, Ladies celebrate yourselves. It’s okay to wear a diamond ring other than a diamond band or a diamond engagement ring. It’s okay to wear a diamond dress/cocktail ring. It just gives it another name. And it’s a name that’s more in keeping with the evolution of women’s lives and the fact that they are becoming equal; they are moving forward.”

Christopher Duquet, President Christpher Duquet Fine Jewelry design Evanston, Illinois

“I haven’t had a real, significant surge of requests for them in our store. I think it has been a successful campaign in terms of its psychographics. It’s right on target in terms of expanding their market. But I don’t think it has reached the depths yet where it has gotten consumer reaction in a big way.”

The truth is that these right hand diamond rings are really nothing new at all. Kwiat, Hearts on fire diamonds, Tacori, Verragio, and many other designer ring companies have been creating fashion jewelry and diamond cocktail rings for quite some time.

In short, I think that it is still left to be seen whether this right hand diamond ring campaign will flourish and gain momentum or go bust the way of so many other diamond and jewelry fads before it.