Diamond ‘Bling’ With No Sting!

diamond sparkle matters

Diamond Shopping on the Internet: Does Your Diamond Sparkle and Light Up?

A major question being asked by consumers shopping for diamonds on the Internet is how can I tell if the diamond I’m interested in sparkles and is brilliant? Most diamond websites show only the data from the Lab report, others only sample or generic images and the few sites that do display actual photo’s are of undefined lighting conditions and of poor resolution.

Gemex Systems of Mequon, Wisconsin (www.gemex.com) has developed a spectrophotometer called the Brilliancescope that measures a diamond’s light performance.

A diamond is scanned in the Brilliancescope by having a light reflected back through the diamond’s crown at six different angles from the light source. Light performance is measured and compared against a database of thousands of diamonds and categorized as White Light (Brilliance), Colored Light, (Dispersion), and Scintillation (Sparklies).

The results are presented in two ways: As a linear graph that shows how a diamond performs against the entire database and as six digital photographs; 5 reflective and 1 diffuse which depicts the Cut Symmetry of the diamond. The photographs display amount of light intensity, location and distribution of light, and extent of interaction between the light components being measured by the machine.

Why Choosing a Good Vendor Is Key to Brilliant Jewelry

A colleague of ours just informed me of a new “connection” he made for diamond jewelry manufactured in India.

This manufacturer creates all kinds of jewelry; from mens diamond cufflinks, to women’s diamond pendants and brooches.

“These guys are so incredibly cheap” he tells me; “ya gotta give them a try”.

“You’re gonna be able to charge the same prices for this stuff and make a killing, instead of your razor thin profit margins on all the stuff you sell”

No brain-er right?


I told him, I was used to offering quality diamond jewelry to our customers, where the set diamonds as small as they might be, actually have life and brilliancy to them.

It was my experience (I told him), that many of these manufacturers in India and other places who create “diamond jewelry” at really cheap prices, are using “diamonds” that are of such poor cut quality, they literally look dull and lifeless.

I call this kind of jewelry, “all bling with no sting”.

I mean, just walking in the N.Y.C. Diamond District and looking around, I can always distinguish the inferior quality “jewelry” items originating from these places where jewelry is created on “the cheap”, vs. the higher quality diamonds and jewelry fashioned for beauty and brilliancy as opposed to refuge and “scrap”.

My opinion is, ya gotta have a modicum of pride in what you do and sell.

Ultimately, if everything was always about the “Almighty Dollar”, people would wind up selling their own mothers to make a buck!

The bottom line is, you need to have some pride in the quality and consistency of the merchandise you sell.

What you lose in profits based upon your own cost of manufacture vs. the selling price, you can more than make up for with building and cultivating a reputation for the highest standards for honesty and quality.

Just my two cents.