About US

peteBefore you get too far into any website that talks about diamonds, you should be asking yourself about the person or persons presenting the information. There are many diamond information websites that are presenting info that is incorrect, incomplete, or slanted… this is done by people who should know better and more commonly by people who don’t know any better.

A proper diamond information website should clearly identify who is presenting the information and why they might be considered an expert about diamonds and not just some guy that became an “expert” because he recently bought an engagement ring.

I do have an About Us page on this site which goes through my history but that’s not the purpose of this little pop up window. I just want to give you a quick overview of my qualifications as to why I should be considered trustworthy when it comes to the subject of diamonds.

Why I might know a few things about diamonds……

– I grew up in the jewelry business. My father owned a jewelry store and trained me how to repair watches while I was still in high school.

– I have worked in retail jewelry stores, a wholesale jewelry supply company, several diamond jewelry manufacturing companies, and I was a traveling jewelry salesperson which allowed me to visit thousands of retail jewelers.

– In 1981, I earned my Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) and I’ve been a Certified Gemologist in the American Gem Society. I was an Resident Diamond Instructor at GIA, where I trained hundreds of people about diamonds.

– While I was living in Japan, I worked for a trading company where my job was to travel to New York, Antwerp, London, Paris, Geneva, Hong Kong, and Bangkok in order to buy diamonds, famous brand watches, and high end jewelry for our customers in Japan.

– I was the Head Gemologist for an online diamond jewelry retailer. It was my job to help people from all around the world with their diamond and jewelry purchases.

I’d be just as happy if you bought a diamond from a local retail jeweler, an online diamond retailer, eBay, craigslist, or a vintage jewelry shop. I’m just here to help you with the process.

I’m currently not actively working in the jewelry business because I’m overqualified for the market where I live. I have a wealth of knowledge about diamonds I feel that I need to share and…. I promise to use my powers only for good.

Now, I’m done typing the letter “I”.